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Easiest Computers for Elderly Use

Seniors can sometimes feel uncomfortable with new technology and aren’t always interested in learning how to use it. However, social media, tutorials, and forums are just a few things that help seniors stay mentally and emotionally engaged. One way to help your senior become acquainted with new technology is by finding an easy-to-use, senior-friendly computer they can master in minutes. Lancaster home care provider, Home Care Assistance, suggests picking up one of these computers for your senior loved one.

Hewlett Packard Touchsmart

This computer is perfect for viewing pictures, playing games, and reading email, and the screen can be leaned back far enough to use it like a tablet. Seniors with disabilities or conditions such as arthritis can forgo the mouse and use voice commands to interact with the PC. An HP Touchsmart will set you back around $1000.


This computer offers a touch screen and easy navigation. No installation is required– just plug it in and go. All the programs have already been set up, so seniors can start using this computer the second it’s turned on. Video tutorials have also been pre-loaded, so seniors who need a little extra help can watch and learn. There is also on-screen, step-by-step support available. It retails $700 to $1,000.


iPads are slim, light, and easy to carry and hold. They offer colorful menus, a simple touch screen, and an optional external keyboard. A senior on the go will enjoy having a portable device they can easily take with them, and all seniors will enjoy being able to read, watch videos, or catch up with family from the comfort of their favorite chair or even in bed. The prices of iPads vary significantly based on memory and Wi-Fi capabilities. They can retail anywhere between $200 and $900.

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