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Tips for Keeping Aging Parents Motivated

In order to retain their mobility, mental acuity, and overall health, seniors are encouraged to stay active and engaged. For family members and Lancaster caregivers, this often means finding ways to keep seniors motivated.

Enlist the Help of the Doctor

It might sound odd at first, but many seniors become less active in various aspects of life simply because they start feeling less capable. New aches and pains and even new illnesses can keep aging adults from engaging in some of their favorite activities. Have your senior loved one’s doctor suggest certain activities that should be a regular part of a self-care plan. Chances are, your senior loved one will be more likely listen to a healthcare professional.

Encourage Goal-Setting

Aging can give people the sense that things are winding down. As a result, it is not uncommon for seniors to stop setting goals for themselves and to stop pushing themselves to accomplish new things. Encourage your loved one to create a series of short and long-term goals pertaining to physical fitness, social activities, hobbies and diet. Having a plan that includes measurable objectives is a great way for seniors to start feeling drive and accomplished.

Schedule Volunteer Work

Ask your loved one whether or not he or she would like to volunteer at a local food bank. Seeing others who are less fortunate tends to fill people with a sense of gratitude and a desire to make the best of what they have. Doing something for others can also be very uplifting and rewarding. Other possibilities include volunteering at the local library or with children who live in a shelter.

Choose New Environments

Too much time spent indoors can cause seniors to become depressed. When mobility starts to decline, planning activities in an outdoor setting can be as easy as setting up a craft table in the garden. You can even invite family or friends over for these events so that your senior loved one can craft with others. Exercises and other forms of physical therapy can be performed in an outside setting as well.

Help Senior Family Members Create a Rich Social Circle

People who have active social lives tend to fare far better throughout the most challenging stages of the aging process than those who do not. Encourage your loved one to stay in touch with his or her friends, especially those who are still active and regularly engaged in new things themselves. Seniors who are committed to making each and every day count can be tremendous sources of motivation themselves.

Sometimes, as adult children take on more responsibilities in their own lives it becomes harder to devote as much time to aging parents’ wellbeing. One way to ensure your senior loved one is staying healthy and active is with a caregiver from Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of Lancaster senior care. Our caregivers can assist with daily tasks like cooking and cleaning, transportation to and from appointments or social activities, and provide regular companionship. Give us a call at (717) 540-4663 to schedule a free in-home consultation.