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Helpful Ways Seniors Can Ease Anxiety

Anxiety isn’t limited to younger adults. In fact, the National Institute on Aging estimates that 3 to 14 percent of seniors are affected by anxiety disorders. Many seniors experience occasional stress from changes in their lives, but anxiety is an ongoing problem that requires treatment. Trusted Lancaster home care agency, Home Care Assistance, offers these six suggestions to help your senior loved one alleviate symptoms of anxiety.

1. Daily Meditation.

Regular deep breathing exercises are proven to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety. To get the best results, your senior loved one should meditate more than once a day.

2. Socialization.

Socializing can be a Catch-22 for seniors with anxiety. Not only does a lack of socialization increase the symptoms, but your loved one may also feel anxious about seeing others. Plan a small event as an opportunity for your loved one to reconnect with friends, such as a tea party at home. Avoid throwing surprise parties, as this can heighten feelings of anxiety.

3. Nap Time.

Many seniors have trouble sleeping at night, which can lead to daytime anxiety. Naps can help your loved one get the extra shuteye needed to feel less stressed throughout the remainder of the day.

4. Disease Management.

Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and Parkinson’s are several diseases seen in older adults that can increase the risk for anxiety. Proper treatment of these conditions, including medications, holistic treatments, and dementia or Parkinson’s home care in Lancaster, may help ease anxiety symptoms.

5. Positive Mindset.

Your loved one might have a “can’t-do” attitude, which can result from age, mobility changes, or health concerns. Help him or her focus on the positive things by pointing out strengths and encouraging activities he or she enjoys.

6. Eliminate Bad Behaviors.

Alcohol, poor diet, and smoking are certainly not healthy, and they can also exacerbate anxiety symptoms due to adverse effects on the brain. Ask a physician how you can help your loved one break these bad habits.

At Home Care Assistance, caregivers do more than just watch over seniors, they offer emotional support, companionship, and help with daily tasks. A live-in or hourly caregiver in Lancaster can provide the support your loved one needs to ease anxiety and maintain a happy, healthy, and comfortable lifestyle. To learn more about how a caregiver can help your loved one, call (717) 540-4663 and speak with a friendly and experienced Care Manager.