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Top 7 Stroke Gadgets for Seniors

Although post-stroke care in Lancaster can help a senior during stroke recovery, it’s nevertheless a long and arduous process. Luckily, there is an entire market of gadgets designed to assist recovery efforts and make daily living easier for senior stroke survivors. Here are 7 of our favorites.

  1. Zipper Pulls
    This pull has a split ring that attaches to the zipper tab with a long cord attached. This makes it easier for seniors to zip up their clothing by giving them more leverage.
  2. Speech Therapy Cards
    Practicing oral language skills using photographs encourages proper speech techniques and cognitive recognition. Spend some time flipping through these cards daily to help your senior loved one practice their language skills and improve their speech.
  3. Swiveling Sponge Lotion Applicator
    The applicator helps people with mobility issues apply lotion without help. It has an extra-long reach and the soft sponge can be reused. Gadgets like this one help seniors who have a live-in Lancaster caregiver maintain independence and dignity.
  4. Hole-In-One Double Button Loop
    This gadget was specifically designed for those who have trouble buttoning a shirt using only one hand. It has a loop of string attached to a handle. The loop slips over the button and the handle helps pull it through the hole.
  5. One-Handed Nail Clipper
    A one-handed nail clipper offers a long, wide base for both leverage and stability. These are ideal for senior stroke survivors who have trouble using small implements or have limited dexterity.
  6. Sock Helper
    Putting on socks is a chore for those with mobility issues. The sock helper works great with socks, knee-highs, compression stockings, and panty hose. These devices stretch the sock open to allow a senior to easily place their foot within. Seniors then use the handles attached to pull the sock up without bending over.
  7. Playing Card Holder
    Card games are good form mental stimulation and a cardholder makes the cards easily accessible for seniors with dexterity issues.

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