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5 Signs It’s Time to Take a Break from Caregiving

Fatigue often occurs when caregivers devote all their time to their senior loved ones, not realizing they need to take care of themselves as well. Taking time for yourself can relieve stress and even help you become a better caregiver for your loved one. To prevent caregiver burnout, watch for these 5 major warning signs you need a break.

1. You Have Trouble Falling or Staying Asleep at Night

Many family caregivers in Lancaster, PA, get up frequently throughout the night to check on their loved ones, which can make going to sleep and staying asleep difficult. Sleep is a necessary part of maintaining good health. If you notice you haven’t had a good night’s rest in a while, taking a break to get some sleep can make a significant difference in your caregiving.

2. You Lose Your Temper Easily

The demands of caregiving can cause irritability and stress, making you lash out at others in your life. If you notice you have a short fuse or are getting upset at minor problems, consider hiring Lancaster, PA, respite care. Allowing a professional caregiver to take over your caregiving duties for a few hours or days can help you focus on your own life and return to caregiving with a more positive attitude.

3. You Suddenly Gain Weight

Having little time to exercise or prepare healthy meals for yourself can result in unwanted weight gain, which can lead to eating disorders and depression. Take the time to go on a walk, take an exercise class, and prepare healthy snacks to care for your own health.

4. You Cry More Frequently

It can be difficult to come to terms with the reality of caring for someone who used to care for you. Mood swings, crying often, and having regular feelings of despair may indicate you are depressed. Seek medical advice or join a caregiver support group to get the help you need.

5. You Haven’t Seen Your Friends in a Long Time

If most of your spare time is spent providing home care in Lancaster for your loved one, you may begin to feel socially isolated. If your friends no longer call to make plans, you notice yourself canceling on friends regularly, or you can’t remember the last time you went out for some fun, consider hiring a respite caregiver for a few hours. Even a small break from your duties can help you feel refreshed.

Caregiver burnout can negatively impact your overall health, and it can also affect the quality of care you provide for your loved one. If you need time to run errands, go on vacation, and take care of personal responsibilities, turn to Lancaster Home Care Assistance. In addition to respite care, we also offer live-in care, and our caregivers are trained to help seniors with a wide variety of daily tasks, including bathing, cooking, medication reminders, and exercise. To learn more about our in-home care services, call a knowledgeable Care Manager at (717) 540-4663 today.