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Social Media Can Improve Senior Health & Wellbeing

Technology has become an integrated part of how individuals live their lives, specifically the ubiquity of cell phones and social media. Today, even seniors are becoming more and more active in online social platforms. Aside from the opportunity to stay connected with loved one’s both near and far, the use of social media is actually improving senior health. Home Care Assistance, a trusted provider of live-in, hourly, and stroke care in Lancaster, discusses recent research on social media’s impact on senior health.

The Results Are In

As some seniors age, they begin to feel isolated and lonely, which can lead to depression, anxiety, or other damaging health concerns. A two-year project conducted in the UK and Italy used 120 “vulnerable” seniors who were given computers, broadband connections, and trained how to use email, Facebook, Skype, and other social media outlets. A separate control group received their typical care. Researchers found seniors who had these tools and knew how to use them felt less isolated because they had the opportunity to connect with people close to them. According to the study, some even felt mentally and physically healthier than they did before they knew how to use social media.

Leading Benefits

Although staying connected is a universal benefit that provides better health for seniors, further studies found that social media also leads to leisure activities, which leads to better overall health. According to APA, the more seniors utilized social media, the more they participated in healthy activities like reading books, doing activities with family members, walking, cooking and visiting friends. In return, these individuals had lower blood pressure and a healthier lifestyle.

Social media, of course, isn’t the only way for seniors to lead a happy and healthy life. Seniors in need of assistance getting to and from social activities, cooking healthy and delicious meals, or who simply need an arm to hold as they go for a walk can get all the help they need and more from trusted Lancaster in-home care provider, Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers are expertly trained, available 24/7, and make your senior loved one’s health and wellbeing their number one priority. Give us a call at (717) 540-5663 to speak with an experienced Care Manager today.