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4 Fun Christmas Activities Your Elderly Loved One Can Try

One of the main things many older adults look forward to in the holiday season is participating in fun activities with family and friends. Lancaster at-home care experts recommend 4 fun Christmas-themed activities that can boost your senior loved one’s overall health and get him or her into the holiday spirit.

1. Making Wreaths and Ornaments

To help your loved one boost his or her memory and hand-eye coordination, suggest making old-fashioned wreaths and ornaments, similar to those he or she may have made during childhood. Creating these crafts while sharing old holiday stories with family and friends is the perfect way for your loved one to be active and social while challenging his or her brain. After the wreath and ornaments have been made, encourage your loved one to decorate the home and tree with you and the rest of the family.

2. Caroling

Your loved one can join a group of seniors or a community choir that goes around the neighborhood singing carols. The choir may also perform Christmas concerts your loved one can sign up for. Caroling is a great way for your loved one to boost his or her spirits while exercising his or her brain and lungs. In addition to enhancing brain functionality, Christmas caroling also has the potential to reduce feelings of aggression or anxiety in seniors with dementia.

3. Building a Gingerbread House

Creating a gingerbread house can keep your loved one mentally and psychologically engaged. Your loved one will be using a part of the brain he or she wouldn’t ordinarily use. Mental exercise is just as important to the brain as physical exercise is to the body. Your loved one can do this activity with other family members, especially the grandchildren, which can make him or her feel appreciated, important, and loved.

4. Watching Christmas Movies

Choose some of your loved one’s favorite Christmas classics to watch. Watching these films could conjure up old memories and possibly prevent memory loss or slow its progression. Although the movies may be fun to watch, the real benefit for your loved one is keeping his or her brain active, especially the neurotransmitters and storage areas of the brain he or she might not have used in a long time. Watching movies could also prevent boredom, depression, and anxiety, which is great for cardiovascular health.

No matter what time of year, encourage your loved one to participate in engaging activities. If your loved one needs more mental and social stimulation in his or her life, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our dedicated and compassionate caregivers can provide transportation and companionship, assist with exercise and mobility, and help with various household tasks. For more information on the respite and live-in care Lancaster families trust, call one of our knowledgeable Care Managers at (717) 540-4663 today.