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How to Help Seniors De-Stress

Retirement is supposed to be an enjoyable time for the elderly, however age-related health concerns can sometimes cause anxiety for seniors. If your elderly loved one has physical, cognitive, or other challenges that cause him or her stress, finding ways to help them relax is important. Presented by a leading provider of senior home care in Lancaster, here are three ways that to help seniors de-stress.

1. Family Time

Current research shows that seniors who spend time with their loved ones have reduced stress levels. While simply spending time with loved ones can diminish stress levels, many seniors find that being able to fully express their thoughts and feelings with their family members is therapeutic. Receiving emotional support from children and other relatives can also help reduce stress by helping seniors avoid feelings of loneliness and depression. If your loved one is stressed, be sure to take time to listen to his or her worries and offer the emotional connection he or she needs.

2. Companionship

As other responsibilities can make it difficult for family members to spend a lot of time with their senior loved ones, family time isn’t always possible. When family members aren’t available to offer companionship, hiring a professional hourly caregiver in Lancaster can help. Trained to provide emotional support, in addition to assistance with daily tasks, the companionship of a caregiver can help supplement familial relationships. With the presence and company of a caregiver, your loved one can have emotional support that will help him or her de-stress.

3. Daily Activities

Incorporating interesting and healthy activities into seniors’ daily schedules can also be helpful. Regular exercise can be particularly good for reducing stress. Because the endorphins that the body releases following exercising also relieve stress, simple activities, like going for walks or bicycle rides, can offer your elderly loved one an easy way to unwind. Likewise, integrating favorite activities into your loved one’s daily regimen can be relaxing. As recent studies show that seniors who maintain hobbies they find interesting report lower levels of stress, encouraging your loved one to take up painting, gardening, or another hobby can help him or her de-stress.

When age-related challenges frequently make your senior loved one stress, finding ways to help him or her relax is key. If your loved one has a memory condition that increases feelings of anxiety, a dementia or Alzheimer’s caregiver in Lancaster can help him or her de-stress, while also promoting cognitive engagement. Expertly trained in senior care approaches, including our Cognitive Therapeutics Method, the caregivers at Home Care Assistance can help promote your loved one’s mental acuity. To learn more about our senior in-home care services, give a Care Manager a call at (717) 540-4663 and schedule a free no-obligation consultation.