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Seniors Aging in Place Benefit from Having a Pet

Your senior loved one is happy to be aging in place in the comfort of his or her own home with the help of a Lancaster hourly caregiver, but he or she is still longing for something else. If your loved one seems a little down or has mentioned missing constant companionship, consider getting him or her a pet.

How Pets Help

Pets can contribute to a higher quality of life due to the unique relationship pets develop with their owners. For example, pets can provide seniors with unwavering companionship, particularly seniors who are less involved with family and friends, and the companionship offered by a furry friend helps combat feelings of loneliness, depression, or apathy.

Additionally, pet ownership is a great way for seniors to maintain a normal routine that keeps seniors mentally engaged and physically active. Having an animal in the home will also create a sense of responsibility and importance. For some seniors, a pet may even be a reason to get out of bed every morning, motivating them to want to live a longer, healthier life. In fact, studies show seniors with pets have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and visit the doctor for minor health issues less often than those without.

Best Pets for Seniors

Seniors who are aging in place have many options when choosing a pet companion. Lower maintenance pets are best, like older dogs that do not require an excessive amount of grooming or exercise. Cats and birds are also popular for seniors. Cats are comfortable remaining indoors all day with their owner, and birds, especially canaries and finches, are quite easy to care for. Keep in mind, depending on the animal, some of the pet care responsibilities could fall to you or your senior loved one’s Lancaster, PA caregiver.

There are many animals to chose from when it comes to finding the perfect pet for a senior loved one and the right pet is an invaluable tool to aging in place, as well as a loving, devoted companion to its owner.

For more ways to help your senior loved one maintain a happy, healthy life, reach out to the leading provider of senior care in Lancaster, Home Care Assistance. We proudly provide hourly, live-in, and specialized care in Lancaster, and every caregiver is highly trained and put through an extensive background check. Call (717) 540-4663 to speak with a Care Manager and schedule your free in-home consultation.