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Getting Older Actually Comes With A Lot Of Perks

In a youth-obsessed culture, it can be difficult to view the aging process as a positive thing. From a practical standpoint, however, growing old can actually come with a lot of impressive perks. In addition to the increased wisdom, patience and grace that most people are able to attain as the years go by, there are also a number of resources and opportunities that make it easier to enjoy a peaceful, comfortable lifestyle. Moreover, healthy, active seniors tend to have fewer expenses, more free time and a greater ability to enjoy themselves. Wondering what’s so great about getting older? A leading Lancaster senior care provider has come up with a few of the best benefits.

Access to an Incredible Array of Activities

Even seniors who did not make extravagant, post-retirement plans have an easy time finding ways to enjoy their lives to the fullest. Most community recreation centers offer low-cost or free classes in yoga, Pilates, various forms of dance, painting, sculpting, music, writing, and more specifically for seniors. With fewer responsibilities and no dependents, the community center can be the perfect place for socializing, meeting new friends, learning new skills, and getting physically fit.

Seniors Discounts

The financial perks of growing old don’t end with the classes at the community centers. Aging adults often qualify for discounted meals at restaurants, have access to free or low-cost financial advice, and can secure free or low-cost public transportation among other things. In fact, many municipalities have special busing systems for those with compromised mobility or other age-related issues that make getting on or getting off standard buses problematic. These small-sized shuttles frequently provide door-to-door service that helps seniors get their shopping done or make it to important dentist or doctor appointments. Seniors also receive discounts at the movies, certain retail shops like Kohl’s, Ross, and Banana Republic, and most community colleges offer deeply discounted tuition rates for seniors who want to take classes.

Modern Technology Designed for Seniors

Although some seniors are hesitant to embrace new technology, companies are frequently coming up with ways to make life for seniors easier. Stair lift technologies make it possible for aging adults to remain in their multi-story homes even as their mobility decreases. New computers with larger keyboard buttons and easy-to-navigate large icons on a touchscreen make staying connected easier, and there are also high-tech medication dispensing units that can be installed in the homes of seniors who are living on their own. These ensure that doses are not missed and that accidental overdoes does not occur. Ultimately, the seniors of today have far more resources and tools for maintaining their independence and enjoying life more than ever before.

Another resource seniors have at their disposable is home care. Companies, like Home Care Assistance, offer live-in and as-needed care, in addition to specialty Alzheimer’s and post-stroke home care in Lancaster to keep seniors happy and independent in their homes as long as possible. Give us a call today at (717) 540-4663 to speak with a trusted Care Manager and learn more about the care services available in our area.