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Natural Treatments to Ease Parkinson’s Symptoms

Although natural medications cannot cure Parkinson’s disease, they can help to ease some its more persistent and uncomfortable symptoms such as muscle stiffness, pain, and tremors. The professional Lancaster Parkinson’s caregivers from Home Care Assistance share some of their favorite natural treatments to help ease such symptoms.


Sometimes, the best thing seniors with Parkinson’s can do is to get out and exercise. Although seemingly daunting to those experiencing more severe symptoms, even a gentle walk or set of light stretches can make a huge difference. One of the more popular forms of exercise geared towards individuals with Parkinson’s, gait training, is designed to help seniors relearn familiar movements as well as new ways to walk and stand up. Exercise is also a wonderful way to relieve stress, helping to take the senior’s mind off of the pain.


Many seniors with Parkinson’s also credit gentle massage, acupuncture, and other forms of alternative medicine with easing their symptoms. Acupuncture and massage can target specific areas where the pain is centered, while things like aromatherapy can help to soothe tense muscles by triggering sensors in the body. Massages, when gentle pressure is applied, can help to work out the knots and tension caused by Parkinson’s without the insertion of needles.

Vitamins and Minerals

While medication prescribed by a doctor should be continued, many individuals with Parkinson’s have seen improvement by taking Vitamin E, uric acid, and even the coenzyme Q10. Check with your loved one’s doctor before beginning him or her on a vitamin regimen. By including vitamins within a healthy diet, many seniors have experienced an ease of symptoms and increased mobility.

If a senior parent or loved one is living with Parkinson’s disease, the additions of natural treatments, in continuation with medications and medical advice, may help to ease the pain of many symptoms. A professional, hourly or live-in caregiver in Lancaster can also offer help with daily activities, support, and safety monitoring so that your loved one can continue with his or regular routine in the comfort of home.

To learn more about home care services for a senior loved one with Parkinson’s, visit our website at www.homecareassistancelancaster.com or call (717) 540-4663 and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a friendly Care Manager from Home Care Assistance of Lancaster.