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Top 4 Medical Monitoring Devices for Seniors

All seniors should have a medical alert device on hand in the event of a fall or other accident, as these devices can quickly notify caregivers or emergency services. However, many seniors and their families are skeptical about the quality of some of these devices and unsure which ones may be worth purchasing. To make the search simpler, here are the top 4 medical monitoring devices for seniors, brought to you by the senior care experts at Lancaster Home Care Assistance.

1. LifeFone

LifeFone is popular because seniors can receive 480 feet of range in any direction. It comes with a belt or pocket clip your loved one can wear with ease. If you want your loved one to have a larger range, you can obtain a base model at no extra charge from LifeFone, which comes with a 1,000-foot range and a 32-hour battery life.

2. GreatCall Splash

The GreatCall Splash is small enough to attach to your loved one’s keychain, or it can easily be worn on a belt. The included 5Star app can send an alert to your smartphone when the button is pushed, and an IAED-certified agent will also be alerted, ensuring your loved one is protected at all times.

3. Bay Alarm MedicalAlert System

The Bay Alarm pendant can move within 1,000 feet in any direction from its console and will still be in a good range. The device will work through exterior walls, and your loved one can wear the pendant for protection when he or she is outside doing yard work or sitting on the porch. The help button is easy to see and only requires a single push for emergency assistance.

4. Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is not only the most used medical monitoring device for seniors, but it offers more range than the rest (1,300 feet). Seniors can wear the pendants on a belt, around the neck, or inside their pockets. The console base is smaller in comparison to its competitors, and it has a battery life of up to 32 hours. The Medical Guardian console can also detect extreme temperatures, which alerts you and emergency services in case of a fire. Your loved one can use it inside the home or even outside with the GPS-enabled version.

Depending on your loved one’s health, one of these medical monitoring devices may be well worth purchasing for peace of mind. However, he or she may face other health challenges preventing the completion of everyday tasks. Home Care Assistance, a trusted Lancaster hourly care provider, can offer the help your loved one may need. Whether it be assistance with mobility, exercise, or transportation, our caregivers can be available during whatever times best match your loved one’s schedule. Don’t hesitate to call Lancaster Home Care Assistance today at (717) 540-4663. One of our qualified Care Managers would be happy to schedule you a complimentary in-home consultation.