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6 Amazing Makeover Ideas for Elderly Women

As women age, their fashion sense may change. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t indulge in fashion anymore. It simply means they might need to make a few changes to their style and taste. Here are a few makeover tips for senior women in need of style guidance. 

1. Swap Foundation for Tinted Moisturizer

Foundation has a tendency to settle in wrinkles, and senior women may have to switch to tinted moisturizers. These products are available in a wide variety of colors, and they moisturize the skin. Some moisturizers contain SPF, which helps ward off sun damage. This product can give aging skin an instant makeover. Healthy skin often indicates good overall health and a high quality of life.

Maintaining a high quality of life can be challenging for some seniors, but professional caregivers can help them obtain this goal. Families can trust in Lancaster, PA, at-home care experts to help their elderly loved ones focus on lifestyle choices that increase the chances of living a longer and healthier life.

2. Keep Shoulder-Length Hair

Many aging women don’t prefer growing their hair past the chin. However, keeping shoulder-length hair helps them meet many of their hairstyle needs. For example, it can help camouflage loose skin around the chin and neck. As an added bonus, shoulder-length hair looks good regardless of hair texture.

3. Find a Reliable Tailor

Going shopping for clothes can be challenging for older women, as clothing retail stores may not always cater to their needs. Instead of choosing clothes based on what fits best, senior women should select clothing they actually like, then take it to a tailor. For an instant wardrobe makeover, senior women should consider getting their wardrobe staples professionally tailored.

Some senior women may need assistance with shopping, running errands, and other daily activities. If your senior loved one needs hourly or live-in home care, Lancaster Home Care Assistance can help. Our caregivers can assist with exercise and mobility, prepare nutritious meals, provide timely medication reminders, and help with a wide array of other important daily tasks. 

4. Don’t Overdo Makeup

Senior women should not go overboard with makeup, as it can damage their skin. Instead of trying to recreate youthful brow definition, they may want to embrace thinner brows. The five most important makeup products in a senior woman’s makeup bag should be foundation/tinted moisturizer, mascara, eyeliner, cream blush, and lipstick.

5. Add Bangs

When senior women need a quick hair makeover, they should add bangs to their hairdo. Bangs highlight the eyes, draw attention away from the neckline, and add a youthful vibe to a hairstyle. 

6. Invest in Bright Accessories

Women who do not want signs of aging to show should consider investing in bright accessories. A floral scarf can liven up an all-black ensemble, and it can also conceal sagging skin. A red shrug jacket is the perfect way to stay warm at a formal event and hide the upper arms. Bright accessories can not only conceal wrinkles and other signs of aging, but also complement and add style points to a senior woman’s outfit.

Colors can have a major impact on a senior’s health and wellbeing. Black and dull colors may make a senior feel depressed or anxious. In contrast, bright colors can make an aging adult happy. Color therapy is one of the most widely used techniques to manage the symptoms of dementia. If your senior loved one needs in-home dementia home care, Lancaster, PA, caregivers are available around the clock to provide the high-quality care he or she needs. Using the revolutionary Cognitive Therapeutics Method, dementia caregivers can help your loved one stay mentally engaged and delay the progression of the disease. To learn about this revolutionary care method or to create a customized care plan for your aging loved one, call Home Care Assistance at (717) 540-4663 today.