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Should Elderly Diabetics Try Insulin Therapy?

Aging adults with diabetes may be able to enhance their health and their overall life qualities with insulin therapy. Although the short and long-term benefits of insulin therapy are a continued source of debate among the medical community, research has shown these treatments are worthy of consideration by both seniors and their family caregivers in Lancaster. Through the use of insulin pumps, your elderly loved one may be able to effectively manage this disease.

Why Insulin Is Necessary

Insulin is a special hormone the body uses to convert sugars into usable energy. When a person has diabetes, special cells that produce insulin in the pancreas are attacked by his or her immune system. Because of this, either insulin injections or an insulin pump must be used to replace the missing hormones and to ensure continued survival.

Are Pumps Better Than Multiple Daily Injections?

The use of pumps for insulin therapy has been found to significantly reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. People who use insulin pumps in favor of multiple daily doses of insulin have a far lower likelihood of premature death caused by stroke or heart attack. In addition to being 42 percent less likely to experience either of these events, diabetics on insulin therapy were also found to have a 27 percent lower risk of premature death from all other causes. While further studies are needed to determine if insulin pumps are primarily responsible for this, the current numbers are encouraging.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Insulin Pumps

Insulin therapy is meant to replace the need for numerous insulin injections throughout the day, through the use of insulin pumps. These pumps tend to create greater stability in the user’s blood sugar levels, and they are also capable of delivering insulin more accurately than daily injections. Best of all, seniors who use insulin pumps tend to have greater flexibility regarding what and when they eat. However, it is vital to note the transition to insulin pumps is not guaranteed to be beneficial for all seniors, and they may require ongoing monitoring and input from family members or professional caregivers from Lancaster home care companies.

Learn More About Insulin Therapy By Talking with a Doctor

Insulin therapy is best suited to people with type 1 diabetes. Talk with your loved one’s primary medical doctor to determine whether or not this change is a good idea. Many aging adults have found the transition from daily injections to an insulin pump leads to marked increases in both wellbeing and quality of life.

No matter which medications or lifestyle changes are required after a diabetes diagnosis, the caregivers at Home Care Assistance can help your loved one manage the condition. This may include the need for medication reminders, transportation to the doctor’s office, and assistance with various daily activities. We also offer specialized Alzheimer’s, post-stroke, and Parkinson’s care for Lancaster seniors who need more extensive assistance. For more information and to schedule a free consultation with a Care Manager, call (717) 540-4663 today.