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Top 4 Preparations for Elderly Home Care

When providing home care in Lancaster for your elderly loved one, his or her comfort and safety are likely the most important factors to take into consideration. Lancaster elder care experts suggest these 4 preparations to make sure your home is ready.

1. Room Location

Choosing the proper bedroom can ensure your loved one has a smooth transition into your home. Keep the following considerations in mind when selecting a room for your loved one:

  • The room should be close to the bathroom and have easy access to the kitchen and main living areas.
  • There should be enough room for basic personal items, any necessary medical equipment, and a couple of pieces of favorite furniture.
  • A room on the ground floor of the home is preferable.
  • The room should be far enough away from loud activities to allow for privacy and rest.

2. Take Safety Measures

You should make sure your loved one’s room and all common areas of the home have appropriate safety features based on his or her needs and physical abilities. For example:

  • Remove clutter and throw rugs to prevent tripping.
  • Install grab bars and nonskid bath mats in the bathroom.
  • Make sure there is adequate lighting.

3. Install Alarm Systems

If your loved one has dementia, you should install alarms or additional locks on exterior doors to prevent him or her from wandering outside unsupervised. A subscription to a medical alert service can provide extra safety and peace of mind if your loved one will without Lancaster caregivers during the day. The service allows your loved one to contact emergency services by pressing a button on a pendant he or she wears around the neck.

4. Consider Current and Future Physical Needs

You should consult with a medical supply company to arrange for hospital beds, raised toilet seats, and other equipment your loved one may need. Depending on the