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3 Exercises for Healthy Senior Hearts

When you’re a family caregiver for a senior relative, it’s easy to worry and stress about your loved one’s health. One of the best ways to reduce your anxiety is to take proactive measures that can help promote your loved one’s wellbeing. The Lancaster senior care experts at Home Care Assistance suggest that exercising is one of the best preventative measures for age-related conditions like heart disease. Read on for 3 exercises that can help promote your loved one’s heart health.

1. Yoga

While it may be surprising at first, yoga is actually one of the best exercises for senior heart health. As some seniors experience joint pain after high-impact exercises like running, yoga offers a low-impact alternative for your loved one to get some cardio. Since yoga can also help reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, and promote strength and flexibility, this exercise is a great way to promote senior emotional and physical health.

2. Nature Walks

Going on nature walks is a fun way for your loved one to get some exercise in while also enjoying an afternoon out and about. Because recent studies show that feeling connected to nature can also help reduce stress levels, having a family member or a Lancaster part-time caregiver take a half hour stroll with your loved one through parks and flat wooded areas can provide an opportunity for some moderate cardio exercise and a period of relaxation.

3. Aerobic Swim Classes

If your loved one enjoys swimming, encourage him or her to try a senior aerobic swim class. These classes range from Zumba-style dance sessions in the water, to simply swimming laps with other seniors, so whether your loved one would prefer something silly or serious, there’s an option for everyone. As swimming can help reduce blood pressure, raise the heart rate, build muscle, and relieve joint stiffness, these kinds of water aerobics may provide a number of general health and heart health benefits.

For seniors who face physical challenges, a professional caregiver at Home Care Assistance may provide the help he or she needs to participate in these heart-healthy exercises. Additionally, if your loved one is a stroke survivor or has another condition that requires extra mobility assistance, our Lancaster stroke care services can also help him or her safely follow an exercise routine. Give a Care Manager a call at (717) 540-4663 to get more information and schedule a free in-home consultation.