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Classic TV Shows for Seniors

For seniors with mobility challenges that frequently keep them home, feelings of boredom, isolation, and loneliness are common. To help avoid these feelings, senior care experts at Home Care Assistance of Lancaster suggest locating re-runs of classic television shows, which can be a good source of entertainment and mental engagement. Read on for 3 old shows that might interest your loved one.

1. The Lawrence Welk Show

Originally airing in the 50s, The Lawrence Welk Show is a musical variety show. Featuring a range of musical styles performed by a live big band, the show is primarily known for its funny skits, dance selections, and the host and bandleader, Lawrence Welk. For seniors who love music, this show may offer an entertaining way to spend an hour. Currently airing on PBS, the Welk show is on every Saturday at 6 PM.

2. Murder, She Wrote

This murder-mystery is an excellent way for seniors to stay mentally engaged as each episode details a mystery that the audience may try to piece together. Murder, She Wrote follows Angela Lansbury, a mystery writer and amateur sleuth in a small town in Maine. Particularly if your loved one finds his or herself feeling bored by simple plots, this show could be an opportunity for him or her to maintain his or her problem-solving skills while also being entertained by the interesting twists and turns of the plot. Though this show is not available on TV, tvguide.com offers streaming options, so your loved one can watch Murder, She Wrote whenever he or she wants.

3. The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls was a popular show that depicts four senior ladies sharing an apartment and their lives together. Humor, compassion, and optimism made this an old favorite among seniors and younger populations. Your loved one might enjoy this show simply for the laughs, or he or she may relate to goofy way that these ladies handle their day-to-day concerns and joys. Still airing on TVLand on most days in the morning, this funny show offers a daily way to boost your loved one’s mood.

If your elderly loved one experiences feelings of isolation and boredom when left alone in the home, he or she may also benefit from the companionship of and mental stimulation from a professional caregiver. At Home Care Assistance, our experienced hourly and live-in caregivers in Lancaster are trained in revolutionary care methods that promote mental acuity and cognitive vitality. Give a Care Manager a call at (717) 540-4663 to discuss how our care services can help keep your elderly loved one mentally engaged, and to schedule a free in-home consultation.