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Why Does Living Simply Combat Stress?

Minimalism has been a popular topic among people who embrace a healthy lifestyle, and seniors can especially benefit from clearing the clutter from their lives. Living simply does not mean your senior loved one has to give up everything he or she loves. Instead, focusing on simplicity can enhance your loved one’s quality of life by making more room for the things that really matter.

Too Much Clutter Adds to Stress

Over the years, seniors often accumulate mementos and other objects that begin to fill their homes. However, living in an overcrowded space can cause stress. Though it may be difficult at first, your loved one should consider downsizing. Donating old clothes to a shelter or passing a treasured keepsake down to a relative can relieve stress while allowing your loved one to feel good about his or her actions.

A Simple Approach to Life Means There Is Less to Worry About

Seniors may have worries in their golden years that contribute to their stress. Though it may not be possible to completely eliminate your loved one’s concerns about health, finances, or the need for elder care in Lancaster, it is possible to help him or her find ways to manage these emotions. Encourage your loved one to exercise each day, eat healthy, and meditate to help combat life’s challenges. During times of extreme stress, your loved one can seek counseling to reduce the emotional burden life changes can cause.

Receiving Help with Daily Tasks Can Take the Pressure Off

Cooking, cleaning, and remembering to take medication are little things that can add up to serious stress over the course of a day. Though most seniors prefer to be independent, hiring a Lancaster in-home caregiver to help manage day-to-day chores can simplify your loved one’s schedule so he or she can enjoy life. Instead of fretting about what to eat for dinner, your loved one can relax and focus on positive emotions. As your loved one begins to feel the release that comes with living simply, he or she may find clearing out the clutter in life provides better mental clarity.

Helping your loved one live as independently as possible is an important step in relieving his or her stress. At Home Care Assistance, we believe maintaining independence is vital to a senior’s overall wellbeing because it provides opportunities to engage in regular physical and mental activity. Our live-in and respite care plans can be customized to meet your loved one’s individual needs, and we also offer specialized Parkinson’s, stroke, and Alzheimer’s care Lancaster seniors can count on. For more information and to schedule a complimentary consultation, please call (717) 540-4663 today.