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Dispelling Common Myths about Aging & Exercising

Exercising allows you to stay youthful as you age; however, there are many myths that deter people from staying active as they reach their golden years. While many of senior exercise myths are rooted in a desire to help keep seniors safe, they often do the exact opposite. As a leading provider of Lancaster senior home care, we know that a sedentary lifestyle is much more harmful than an active one! This guide will debunk the most common myths so that you feel comfortable exercising at any age.

Myth 1: Decline in ability is inevitable

While aging does bring some setbacks such as stiffer muscles and reduced flexibility, both of these problems can be minimized through steady and consistent exercise. By keeping active as you age, you will reduce the common ailments found with aging while also ensuring a healthier lifestyle. Even just 30 minutes of walking, yoga, or a light weight routine can prevent stiffness and even mental decline.

Myth 2: Exercise is dangerous in old age

Exercise carries risks for all age groups, and the only thing you should do is change your routine to fit your current state. Utilize a personal trainer to assess your current level and goals, and you will be able to exercise without the risk of injury. Don’t believe that exercise somehow becomes more dangerous as you age. The simple truth is that it just becomes different, and as always, you will be able to adapt to your new lifestyle.

Myth 3: There are no reasons to exercise as you age

There’s no need to search for the mythical fountain of youth. Daily exercise keeps your mind sharp, your body nimble, and your overall health in great shape. By exercising as you age, you will reduce the risk of falling, Alzheimer’s, and other degenerative diseases. Your overall immune system will also be stronger to prevent you from common colds which are more problematic as you age. Plus, exercising will make you feel youthful which is truly the greatest gift as you age.

Understanding these falsehoods is the first step towards living an active lifestyle as you age. If you haven’t been active for a while, make sure to start slow and possibly work with a trainer to get back on track. As always, have fun and enjoy your workouts to get the best results.

For more information about safe daily exercise for seniors and older adults, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Lancaster County today. We offer hourly and live-in home care in Lancaster and have a team of highly trained and compassionate caregivers who can help with a wide range of activities including daily fitness, nutritious meal preparation, personal care, transportation and so much more. Learn how a home caregiver can provide you or your loved one with the assistance needed to remain healthy and safe at home by calling (717) 540-4663.